My name is Benedek Németh. I got my first dog from my mother, Andrea Pallos DVM, in 2009.


I started to breed norwich terriers with her - she is breeding Hungarian vizsla and beagle – and she is responsible for our animals’ health since she is a veterinary. My first norwich terrier was Szöszi, who was a full-grown dog when I got her, but she was very nice so we felt in love with her. Our family has already had several other dogs, however, she was my first own dog. It turned out soon that the norwich terrier is the ideal breed for us and we couldn’t find better breed for a family with small children.

This breed is small enough to walk with a 4-5-year-old child and big enough to not being hurt by a 1-2-year-old baby/infant. Our dogs are really very kind and lovely, free from all kind of aggression either against children or other dogs or our horses. All of our dogs seem healthy and we decided to breed them. So we covered Szöszi and for Christmas present we got Nampi from her. She was the first dog I bred. She is indeed a present for us, with her extremely good mood and temperament. We kept her and now we have two norwich terriers. This is a family kennel so we have puppies rarely, and we would like to give them to such a good places and families as we are.